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Fortepiano recital in Castelo Branco

After the postponement of plan, finely happened!! 

"In admiration of Bach"

How the classic composers related musically to the Bach legacy.

It is no deep secret that Mozart, Haydn and even Beethoven admired Bach. I write the 'family name' here, with a good reason: Bach was for the later part of the 18th century much more than 'just' Johann Sebastian, the famous Thomas-Kantor.

Far more, the classic composers oriented themselves to Carl Philipp Emanuel, Wilhelm Friedemann and Johann Christian, as the three sons and brothers were in the direct generation preceding the "famous three Viennese" - and they were even still very much alive.

The audience will be surprised, by the relation to this musical legacy in the various forms of composition: of the 'typical clichés' of thematic material, as well as pure fugal counter-point in some instances.

On the forte-piano, these effects and relations comes out to a very clear effect, as the fast-changing dynamics are able to build up and reduce tension in a very efficient and short time-span. 

Bucharest Early Music Festival Online concert

ブカレスト古楽音楽祭 オンラインコンサート

DUoÆ Online concert 

On the 3rd December at 19:00 
Please don't miss it !!



第13回西海岸古楽音楽祭 オエイラス2020

There have been some twist and turns in this decision, the festival will be happen! After loooooong no concert-life, we finally go one step up! There are  wonderful varied programs and masterclasses. My concerts are on 6th & 13th, I am so looking forward to give concerts there and meet wonderful people. Please wish me good luck !!



Yuko Inoue Harpsichord recital in 2020







Harpsichord Recital in Oeiras

at West Coast Early Music Festival

It is a great honour to be invited on the West coast early music festival. I will give a harpsichord recital, focused on C.Ph.E.Bach 's works and Master class!! Looking forward to be there !!


 Yuko Inoue fortepiano Debut CD "The Art of Emotions"             is  released on 15th of February 2019!!
             井上裕子 フォルテピアノ・デビューCD " The Art of Emotions"                       2019年2月15日 遂にリリース!!

The happiest news of 2019


Happy to announce that Yuko Inoue fortepiano Debut CD " The Art of Emotions", is released on 15th of February 2019  from Simax. 

The sound of the fortepiano draws us 200 years back - to a time where music really becomes the art of emotions.

You can see more detail in the Simax home page!

       Click here  The Art of Emotions- Yuko Inoue 

2月15日、遂に待望の井上裕子デビューCD " The Art of Emotions"がノルウェーのレーベルSimaxよりリリースされました。200年前のフォルテピアノの響きは、あなたを感情の芸術へと誘うことでしょう。詳細はSimaxのホームページからもご覧になれます。

Scenes from the recording, at the amazing atelier of Mr. Edwin Beunk.