Yuko Inoue New Year Concert in 2018


Thank you so much for coming to new year concert in Japan !

井上裕子チェンバロ&フォルテピアノ ニューイヤーコンサート







Concert Report

Although it was snowing, what we have not had in some twenty years, a big crowd showed up from many places around.

The concert program was made up of two parts, first half: harpsichord, second half: fortepiano, with a wonderful moderation by the performer herself. First, she opened the concert by playing Overture from J.S.Bach's Partita in D-Major and made a little speech about the instruments & composers. In her little speech, the audience could relax wonderfully and subsequently, enjoyed very much the succession of the Partita, which Yuko Inoue performed with profound expression and great technique. Next was the piece "Jupiter" by Antoine Forqueray, in which the audience were breath-taken at her powerful sounds - they were really wondering how she could make these sounds!

After then, she did a little "secret program" for the audience - great fun for everyone (- but we keep this as a secret for the people who were there).

In the second half, she started with Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach's Fantasy. In a flash, the audience were attracted into Yuko's fortepiano world - another, new world, with such colourful sounds and with an overwhelming technique. People were deeply interested this composer, who is not particularly "mainstream". Next item was Sonata c minor by Haydn. It was wonderful performance, rendered so lyrical and stereophonic by her special interpretation. Third item was Impromptus by Schubert, this was programmed for introduce and enjoy more the romantic fortepiano sound. (here, represented by a copy of a Dulcken instrument by J.C. Neupert.) She expressed this piece as a "no-text" song, her colours of sound and phrasing painted a lot of imagination for her audience .

And, for a last item, back to Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. She wanted to introduce this eccentric composer by playing a more exotic piece, the 12 Variations upon "die Follie d'Espagne". She characterised each variation perfectly, the audience enjoyed and was attracted to these funny and dizzying emotions.

After her concert the audience gave thunderous applause. It was such a entertaining and great concert!