Yuko Inoue & Ketil Haugsand  Cembalo Duo concert Kulturhaus Ronning in Bremen


I don't know how I can describe my appreciations. Not only I may make music with a wonderful - actually for me, the greatest musician in my whole life, but also at such a place "Kulturhaus Ronning", we could share wonderful music & time with wonderful people.

As you see, we got some wonderful instruments to our disposition!!
I was really impressed with Christian Kehlmann's new invention, a harpsichord which has literally two sound-boards. One sound-board is movable, so you will have two different type of sound affections in one instrument. With a second sound-board, we can have a much crispy and speakable sound and - without it makes the timbre so rich & deep - like what you expect from a typical French instrument.

It was such a pleasure to have this instrument for my performances. I could discover many new things, and enjoyed very much this fresh experiences.

And...we were treated like in heaven.
I will never ever forget this wonderful days, this was actually best of best home concert in the world.

Thank you so much !!!

Here, some comments by wonderful harpsichord maker Mr.  Christian Kulhmann.

Ein außergewöhnliches Konzert mit außergewöhnlichen Musikern - Yuko Inoue& Ketil Are Haugsand, wir danken Euch vielmals, für dieses wunderbare Ereignis !
Die HemschWelle hörte gar nicht mehr auf zu rollen...

Das wunderbare Hauskonzert mit Yuko Inoue & Ketil Are Haugsand klingt in einen Ohren immer noch nach - in Ihrer gekonnten und ausdrucksstarken Art, höre ich meine Cembali am liebsten 😀  Schade, daß diese Kunst nicht jedem gegeben ist....