Yuko Inoue Fortepiano Recital "Logos et Mythos"


Yuko Inoue Fortepiano Recital " Logos et Mythos"

On 22. September in 2017, Yuko Inoue held a Fortepiano Recital in the Ursulinenkirche, a most beautiful, smaller church, in Köln (Cologne). It was a part of her final-recital for the "Konzertexamen" Diploma which was awarded for the first time at the Institut für Alte Musik of Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln.

The concert started with an item from her special repertoire, the "Fantasy and Rondo", by C.Ph.E.Bach, soon fascinating the audience by musical ideas of profound artistic qualities. The second half of the program was quite challenging, especially "Eroica Variations", op. 35, by Beethoven, as she created "her own world" in the music, in a beauty beyond expression. The concert's last item - with wonderful cellist Amarilis Dueñas - the young Beethoven's work, Sonata for clavier and Cello in F-major, Op.5-1 - an amazing and commanding performance, full of strong energy and great passion for the music itself, resulting in hearty and long-standing applause.

Top-note by the jury: 

"Mit Auszeichnung bestanden" - "Excellent, with distinction".

It was truly a most remarkable recital.

井上裕子フォルテピアノリサイタル 『ロゴスとミトス』