Viva 1685!

It was quite special to meet with these people.
I was exreamly happy, we could trust each other and just made fantastic music together. I will remember these two concerts with a blissfull heart!
Togetherness makes Music sparkle!

The programm featured the big 3 star composers who were born in the same year, incidentally.

I appreciated profoundly this lovely opportunity, and I am telling for myself, ah thank God, I had not given up my musicianship. It will go on, as long as I can, because I love to play and I love to make music!

これは、非常に思い出深いコンサートの一つである。ヴッパタールを拠点に精力的に活動と続けている声楽アンサンブル amichi del cantoとの共演。Denis Hansel の指揮で素晴らしく纏められ、歌う喜びに満ちた彼らとの演奏は、私に素晴らしい幸福を与えてくれた。